nuclear reactor cooling tower

This is the cooling tower at the Satsop Nuclear site in Elma, WA


This is a shot I took a few years ago of the Cooling tower at Satsop. I am starting a new project there for my show next year at the Photo Center NW.

Sunset in Seoul

looking out over the city of Seoul

Here is a photo from a recent trip to South Korea. I fell in love with the city of Seoul where the foothills invade the city and it seems that everyone is born hiker. I was traveling there to photograph landscapes in the DMZ…

Polaroid Type 55!

This weekend I spent Sunday morning hand developing an old batch of Type 55 negatives with my friend Laurel. For those of you who don’t know, this was an old Polaroid instant negative film that was shot on 4×5 cameras. The developer is supposed to be incorporated into the envelope and you could get a negative in the field. Unfortunately, production for this product was stopped around 2008 and many of the remaining boxes of these films no longer work because the developer has dried up. However, if you carefully take the envelopes apart you can coax an image from them in normal developer.