Artists’ Choice Show at Sam Gallery


I have some work in the up coming show at Sam Gallery. The opening is starting May 9, 5-7 p.m, ending on June 8.




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ReVision: PCNW Faculty Show

I have some work in the faculty show at the Photo Center NW. The opening is this coming Thursday, Jan 10th, from 6-8PM. I hope to see you there.



From the show:

The Uranium Project

In 2010 I began traveling and working on a series of photographs of the nuclear infrastructure of Washington State. After returning to Seattle I printed the work in my studio and the resulting prints were then toned in uranium toner (turning the prints a red hue). I am interested in using these images to raise awareness regarding the issues surrounding the use of uranium and its procurement as well as the human costs these activities have on all of our lives. I am also working to produce a bound limited edition book for inclusion in the University of Washington Book Arts Special Collections. This edition will contain a limited number of small toned prints from the project.


Midnite Mine






60 Minute Photo

Recently I sent my last roll of film to be processed at 60 Minute Photo. I know that many labs are closing but I thought these guys would make it somehow. I am told that recently the landlord announced that their rent would increase and that combined with declining business spelled the end…

This is the sign on the corner outside 60 Minute Photo

This is the sign on the corner outside 60 Minute Photo

There are only a few places left to process E-6 slide film (my preferred color material) so I bought their 120 film processor and all the remaining chemicals. I have been running 4×5 and 8×10 E-6 at home for years but now I can quickly do my own 120 as well…

Digital SLR Crash Course!

I am teaching some of the weekend workshops at the Photo Center: http://pcnw.org/education/workshops/crash-courses/crash-course-dslr/

These are a great way to get an introduction into the world of the digital SLR. There is even a Groupon!


(this is a shot of my 8×10 Tachihara)

The Bridge Motel

what a great party.

I took this photo in 2007 at the Bridge Motel off of Aurora Ave. This is where I met DK Pan and his collaborators. This marked the beginning of what was to become a 5 year odyssey that has spanned continents and other less tangible boundaries.



nuclear reactor cooling tower

This is the cooling tower at the Satsop Nuclear site in Elma, WA


This is a shot I took a few years ago of the Cooling tower at Satsop. I am starting a new project there for my show next year at the Photo Center NW.

Sunset in Seoul

looking out over the city of Seoul

Here is a photo from a recent trip to South Korea. I fell in love with the city of Seoul where the foothills invade the city and it seems that everyone is born hiker. I was traveling there to photograph landscapes in the DMZ…